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Combat Bloating, GERD, and Other Digestive Issues

For combating these issues, include the use of CandiClear5. The fossilized marine phytoplankton and zeolite powder will both absorb and eliminate candida waste and fermentation byproducts that cause GERD.

In addition, it will help to hit the candida even harder than using CandElim on its own, and does an excellent job of shredding up the candida in your stomach.

Candiclear5 offers 5-way support for effective candida control:

1. Ruptures and destroys yeast blooms.
2. Absorbs and removes toxic debris.
3. Balances pH levels.
4. Provides nutrients that fight candida.
5. Nutritionally supports intestinal repair.

The main ingredient in CandiClear5 is a fossilized freshwater phytoplankton that shreds up both parasites and candida that come in contact with it. If you have candida overgrowth, you almost always have parasites too. Because CC5 kills candida mechanically, the yeast cannot develop resistance.

The porous structure of the fossilized phytoplankton absorbs toxins and waste debris to help reduce die-off symptoms. This product contains a large amount (9.5 grams) of the plankton per 20 gram serving, and 4.6 grams of air filtered micro zeolite powder, which attracts and absorbs mercury and other heavy metals, helping to increase your pH levels to a more alkaline state – all-important for eliminating candida.

CandiClear5 supplies (per 3 scoop serving): 400mg Vitamin C, 60mg Vitamin B6 (with P5P), and 280mg Zinc Picolinate.

A large part of its candida fighting ability comes from a proprietary blend (5400mg) of 16 other ingredients, with immune boosting, candida-killing, anti-inflammatory properties: Organic Burdock root, Organic Cinnamon, Arabinogalactans (10% DHQ) from Siberian Larch, Xylitol (a sweetener that does NOT feed candida, and actually helps to kill it), extracts of Barley Grass 4:1  Broccoli Sprouts 4:1  Parsley 10:1  Astragalus 5:1, Polycil Humic/Fulvic acid (to help eliminate toxins, kill pathogens and increase mineral absorption), Apple Cider Vinegar powder (to fight candida by increasing pH), Aulterra mineral powder (to increase the absorption of these ingredients), and Organic Seabed Minerals.
CandiClear5 comes in a 1.5 pound container that will last one month when taking 3 scoops per day. Start out at just 1 scoop per day and gradually increase to full dosage. CandiClear5 is quite potent. NOT FOR DOGS as they should not eat Xylitol.

Certainly, a low carbohydrate diet will help your battle against candida go faster. Unfortunately, if you are thin, you may feel as if you are wasting away. Here is something to help if you are on a reduced carbohydrate diet. Mix or bake CandiClear5 in carbohydrates. This could include juice, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, or even cookies. CandiClear5 works even better when taken this way. It will kill more candida, because the candida are attracted to the carbohydrates. The carbs act as “bait” and this method allows lighter people to eat more carbohydrates.

Dosage Directions: Begin using just 1 scoop (1 TBS) or less per day in water or juice, gradually working up to 3 scoops per day. You can take these all at once or, spread out during the day. It can also be mixed with food or cooked in food such as pancakes, casseroles, smoothies, etc. as it kills the candida attracted to those carbohydrates.

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Organic Air Filtered MicroZeolite, Plankton Micro-Silica, Shwater Phytoplankton, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 (with P5P), Zinc Picolinate, Proprietary Nutrient Blend.


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